OMGLists Team

  • Last Login: Nov. 11, 2008 09:31 AM
  • Age: 1
  • Gamertag:
  • Area of expertise: All
  • Favorite internet meme: OMGLists
  • Favorite list amount: More than one
  • Favorite one-hit wonder: The OMGLists Team never got any hits in little league
  • Favorite first level: Contra, on co-op. Go Team!
  • Favorite Saved by the Bell Character: The OMGLists Team= Zack Attack

The OMGLists Team consists of a crack staff of pop-culture junkies who have to express their opinion in list form. When there's an official announcement to be told, or an anonymous list to be unrolled, OMGLists Team will be there.