Kate McNally

  • Last Login: Oct. 22, 2008 04:54 PM
  • Age: 27
  • Gamertag:
  • Area of expertise: Foods on sticks, sharks, politics and knowing the lyrics to bad pop music.
  • Favorite internet meme: I Can Has Cheezeburger??? aka LOL Cats (Damn funny little fuzzballs!)
  • Favorite list amount: 5. Keep it real.
  • Favorite one-hit wonder: Walk the Dinosaur
  • Favorite first level: Mike Tyson's Punch Out--Glass Joe was such an ego-boost
  • Favorite Saved by the Bell Character: Z. Morris, baby! Rock that old sKOOL mobile phone!

Fighting to prevent violent crimes against women, Kate is a superhero by day and a deep sleeper by night. An avid traveler, she isn't afraid to throw some 'bows for the last pillow and blankie on a flight. She swims, dances, cheers on Chelsea FC and towers above most men even without heels. She does NOT have a blog about depression nor is she on New Hampshire Public Radio.