7 Disappointing Summer Olympians

Aug. 7 2:08 PM by Aaron_Koehn

Some of them fell far short of gold-medal expectations. Others tainted Olympic victory with illegal drugs or other underhanded methods. One thing is for sure--all of them left the games in lesser regard.

7- Russian 1972 Men's Basketball Team

The year was 1972, and two roundball squads from communist Russia and the Democratic United States were about to decide the fate of the Cold War with a heated game of hoops. The Americans--who not only excelled at the sport but who were also given credit for inventing the game--were heavy favorites, and since the sport's introduction into the summer games some 30 years prior, they had taken home the gold medal each time. However, this contest proved to be more challenging and with several seconds left in the game, the Americans found themselves ahead by only one point with the possession arrow pointing to the Reds. What ensued next is possibly the most infamous three seconds in Cold War basketball history, and it involved a questionable Ruskie timeout, two chances by said comrades to score the final basket (the second being more successful than the first), and a dejected American team's refusal of the Silver Medal on the basis of cheating.

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Seven Stupid Sports Stadium Sponsorships

Jul. 10 5:36 PM by KateMcNally

Remember the days when stadiums and arenas were named after the team that played there or an influential figure? Nowadays, stadium names are fair game to the highest bidder and often make little sense. The following seven stadiums are prime examples of advertising in sports done falsely.

7- PacBell/SBC/ATT Park

The poor San Francisco Giants. They just can't buy a decent season-though not for lack of trying (*ahem* Barry "BALCO" Bonds). And what's worse, they can't event seem to figure out what to call their own stadium. When SBC bought PacBell the name of the stadium changed, and the same occurred when AT&T bought SBC. A classic series of the big one eating the little one. So what's next for this ball park of a thousand names? The PacBell/SBC/AT&T/Qualcom/Sprint Nextel/Verizon and-so-on-and-so-forth Stadium? Let's just call it "Big Telecommunication Park" and be done with it.

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10 Attractive Women Who Could Kick Your Ass At Something Manly

May. 12 12:10 PM by TKK

Women have historically been seen as the "fairer sex" and their physical accomplishments are often overshadowed by their male counterparts. But let's get something straight: there are plenty of women out there who are not only attractive but who are pretty damn good at a sport or profession that's normally seen as "manly." So the next time you think of women as the weaker sex, take a look at the following examples and wallow in the disgusting pool of your own wrongness.

10- Natsuko "Gal" Sone- Competitive Eating

Eating mass quantities of food extremely fast seems to be custom tailored for fat dudes. Surprisingly, the real landscape of Major League Eating defies that. There's eaters like Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut, who look and act like regular dudes but can somehow also consume almost 70 hotdogs in 12 minutes. Natsuko "Gal" Sone (pictured in the middle) is not like these men. No, Natsuko is a Japanese TV personality and pop singer who weighs in at a teensy 96 lbs. So while her tiny frame and high pitched voice may have you thinking this girl couldn't finish a garden salad, she'd eat more sushi in one sitting than you will in one year. And she'll look much hotter than you while doing it.

Check out Natsuko "Gal" Sone in action on YouTube.

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5 Fictitious Baseball Players Who Would Never Make It in the Majors

Mar. 28 12:50 PM by KateMcNally

If the strike of 1994 taught us anything, it's that baseball should be left to the pros. While Billy Crystal's recent appearance with the Yankees gave washed-up actors everywhere a renewed hope of actually making it big in the majors, just as he swung out, Hollywood totally whiffs when it comes to believable baseball players.

5-Kit Keller: A League of Their Own

I know making fun of Lori Petty is like shooting fish in a teaspoon of water, but sometimes you just can't help yourself. When a baseball movie comes up inevitably "A League of Their Own" will make an appearance in conversation. Granted, this movie offers a veritable smorgasbord of potential characters just waiting to be skewered by OMGLists. However, the rule of comedy stands that every time you are presented with an opportunity to rag on Lori Petty you take it. So here we are with Lori Petty making the half-assed attempt at pitching in the woman's league of national baseball and even in this "gimme" of a role she still sucks. She was actually MORE believable as Tank Girl or Keanu Reeves surfing girlfriend in "Point Break." She can't throw a ball to save her life and she whines like a baby during the entire movie and if it weren't for her talented sis, the talentless Keller would never have even gotten a chance in the ladies league. Hell, Rosie manages to pull off the girlie uniform better than poor Lori. Even if women did play in the MLB, Lori would be putting her skills to use by riding the pine in the dugout.

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The 9 Most Unfortunately Named Athletes

Dec. 21 2:54 PM by TKK

Athletes sure have it good. Getting paid millions of dollars and earning worldwide admiration for playing with a ball or a stick or driving a car fast is a sweet deal. Something has to take these people down a peg, and when steroid trials and dating Jessica Simpson won't do, constant mocking about their silly names will. Here's the nine most unfortunately named athletes in the sporting world.

9- Coco Crisp

We're not going to make much fun of Coco Crisp for one reason: he got the nickname 'Co' from his grandmother which eventually grew to "Coco" and that would just be mean to make fun of a guy for that. Besides, the cereal he's named for, Cocoa Krispies, is delicious; we're also fond of Cookie Crisps. Also, the Brits call potato chips "crisps," though chocolate flavored potato chips sound pretty awful. Also, his name makes us think about that one Seinfeld episode when George wanted to be called T-Bone but got stuck with the nickname "Coco" instead. That one was pretty good.

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I hate you Bo Jackson: SportsBlagh's Gaming Sports Moves

Nov. 13 6:32 PM by DaveRudden

Comedic sports blog SportsBlagh has a roundup of the five most unstoppable moves in sports gaming history. Knowing my hatred for the modern-day sports sim, this list tickles my fancy by including a largely old-school crop, though you have to believe part of the reason is the paper-thin AI employed by games during the 8 and 16-bit era. While there's plenty of justified picks on the list-- I used to be a big fan of the wrap-around goal in the early EA NHL titles-- I have to present a few picks of my own, which you can check out after the break.

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