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8 Great Villains We Want in the Next Batman Movie

Jul. 23 1:04 PM by Aaron_Koehn

With The Dark Knight set to break box-office records, a sequel is almost certainly in the works. With Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhardt's masterful performances as The Joker and Two-Face, respectively, finding another villian or two to ably face off against the caped crusader, while staying true to Christopher Nolan's darker tone won't be an easy task. Here's 8 villains that may be able to pull it off.

8-Dr. Hugo Strange

Character's effectiveness and value: While Dr. Hugo Strange might not be very physically intimidating or threatening, his mental prowess and ingenuity make him a credible foe.  His comic book schemes have included massive, genetically-engineered monsters that attack upon command, and the discovery and attempted auction of Batman's secret identity.  He was also one of the first reoccurring Batman villains, appearing before both the Joker and the Catwoman.

Character's potential for realistic portrayal: The not-so-good doctor would easily lend himself to a practical portrayal, especially since his costuming would probably only include a lab coat and some Windsor glasses.  There also seems to be a degree of mistrust with today's medical field and its practitioners, and the filmmakers could certainly tap into that fear when developing this character.

Influence of previous interpretations: Aside from one or two animated Batman episodes, Dr. Strange has been sparsely utilized on screen making him a character that has little previously-established bias.

7-The Penguin

Character's effectiveness and value: One of the most glaring weaknesses of the Penguin is his lack of menacing qualities.  He's short, obese, and chain smokes, meaning his athletic prowess is pretty low.  That being said, he does have an extremely rich history in Batman lore, and his character has been thoroughly fleshed out resulting in more depth than your average villain. 

Character's potential for realistic portrayal: The Penguin is another character that would translate fairly easily into film.  He seems to favor formal clothing, but given his physical attributes, masking his insecurities with feigned affluence seems natural.  At one time the Penguin was rumored to be cast in The Dark Knight as a British arms dealer, which lends further credence to the idea that he could be done realistically.

Influence of previous interpretations: There have been a myriad of Penguin portrayals all of varying degrees of quality, so it would be tough to escape any foregoing prejudice and this could be seen as another weakness for the character.  Hopefully that won't dissuade the usage of him because there is an underlying creepiness with the Penguin, and as we saw with Christopher Nolan's Joker, creepiness is something that he seems to do well.

6-Mr. Whisper

Character's effectiveness and value: Mr. Whisper was said to be an ancient monk who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for eternal life, and an immortal would likely make a very formidable villain.  In the comic Batman: Gothic, the shadowless Mr. Whisper runs amuck in Gotham, slaying numerous mob bosses in an attempt to win back his soul.  Batman repeatedly does battle with Whisper, but it's especially tough to defeat someone who's death-resistant when you've taken a vow not to kill.

Character's potential for realistic portrayal: Mr. Whisper's outside appearance would not be a problem in terms of rational depictions, but the fact that he survives falls from skyscrapers and head-on collisions with trains might seem a bit too improbable for the next Batman movie. An ambiguous approach to Mr. Whisper's perceived powers might be the best way to portray the character on film, keeping the audience guessing whether or not he really is superhuman.

Influence of previous interpretations: As previously mentioned, Mr. Whisper can only be found in the graphic novel Batman: Gothic, and as a result there haven't been any distorted interpretations done.  So if Mr. Whisper was utilized, no audience member would have any preconceived partiality.


Character's effectiveness and value: Zsasz is a serial killer who cuts tally marks into his skin after each subsequent murder.  He regularly refers to his victims as zombies and he insists that he's liberating them from pointless existence by slitting their throats.  He briefly appeared in Batman Begins as an inmate in Arkham Asylum where he was identified as a hitman for the mob.  During the film, his recognizable scars could momentarily be seen during his escape from Arkham.

Character's potential for realistic portrayal: His potential is obviously very high since he has already been imagined and introduced into the film's universe. 

Influence of previous interpretations: Beyond the comic books, the only other source where Zsasz can be found is in the Batman Begins movie, and as a result the character hasn't yet been tainted by any earlier distortions.  So a more fleshed out and prominent role in the ensuing film would set the cinematic interpretation standard.

4-Deacon Blackfire

Character's effectiveness and value: While less of a preacher and more of a cult-leader, Deacon Blackfire led a band of brainwashed Gotham citizens into what he described as a war on crime.  Eventually this cult took over all of Gotham resulting in its segregation from the rest of the country.  At one point a weakened Batman had even become an indoctrined sect member; however, by the end of the story he realizes the error of his ways and beats the reverend senseless.

Character's potential for realistic portrayal: There really isn't anything too unusual or improbable about the deacon to warrant not including him in the movie.  While Blackfire makes claims that may seem too sensational for the film, specifically regarding the immortality he receives by bathing in blood, by the end of the comic we find out that indeed the deacon was more of a conman than immortal, firmly grounding the story in reality.

Influence of previous interpretations: The graphic novel Batman: The Cult is the only source where Deacon Blackfire can be found, so again, there aren't any other representations of this character to muddle his prospects.


Character's effectiveness and value: The Catwoman is one of Batman's oldest foes and on occasion she's portrayed as a love interest and ally.  She is known for being a master thief and as a result she is often cleverly referred to by others as a cat-burglar, although her crimes are often given noble intentions similar to a black-spandex-clad Robin Hood.  Overall, she is one of the most popular Batman figures, having appeared in more adaptations than any other villain.

Character's potential for realistic portrayal: The Catwoman is another character in the Batman mythos who, like the caped crusader himself, possesses no special powers.  This makes her easily translatable into Christopher Nolan's very grounded Batman films.  She also has costuming that is traditionally very similar to Batman's, so her acceptance based on attire in this universe would be no less likely than his.

Influence of previous interpretations: Being the Batman villain that has seen the most adaptations means the Catwoman comes with lots of baggage.  From her appearances in several movies (notably, the terrible film starring Halle Berry) to countless television show spots, the Catwoman has become an ingrained pop-culture icon.  And ultimately, it's this familiarity that becomes the biggest drawback when considering the likelihood of this character's utilization.

2-The Riddler

Character's effectiveness and value: The Riddler is another Batman villain that strikes little fear into the hearts of do-gooders.  This could be due to his lack of physical weapons, or his insistence on leaving riddle-based clues at his crimes that always result in his schemes being revealed and then thwarted.  That being said, the cerebral nature of the character seems to lend itself well to Christopher Nolan's more mature and thoughtful approach, and the character's rich history provides abundant potential. 

Character's potential for realistic portrayal: Provided enough green fabric can be found to create an olive suit and matching Bowler hat, there really isn't anything too unusual about this character.  Certainly a less cartoony, more mature interpretation would be necessary to make this character believable, but if an audience can buy a grown man fighting crime under the guise of a humanoid bat, it should be able to accept a criminal fond of riddles.

Influence of previous interpretations: Again, this is a character that has been done before and to limited success.  So if the Riddler was going to be again seen on a movie screen, a deep reinterpretation would be necessary.  There have been recent allusions made by several cast members though, indicating that indeed this character could be the next Batman villain.

1-Black Mask

Character's effectiveness and value: Black Mask is a deranged mob boss in Gotham city who wears a skull-like mask carved from his mother's ebony coffin.  Growing up, Black Mask had a parentally forced-friendship with Bruce Wayne, one which he despised and which grew into a deep resentment of the Waynes.  Black Mask frequently uses torture not only for personal gain but for personal satisfaction, often resulting in the death of his victims. 

Character's potential for realistic portrayal: While some might see the skull-like mask to be a bit of a stretch in regards to realism, the motive of personal resentment and subsequent revenge certainly isn't.  This is a very dark character and one can easily picture him fitting into the darker tone established in these Batman movies.  As a mob boss, he also easily fits in with plots and themes used in the earlier films.

Influence of previous interpretations: While Black Mask has been used a number of times in comics, his universal recognition is pretty limited.  To the diehard fan he is pretty significant in the Batman canon, but to those who are only casually interested in the Caped Crusader, he would be a complete unknown.  To put it simply, Black Mask has a lot of theatrical potential.



Good list I think it can work


black mask is pretty badass. i'd love to see nolan's even more twisted take on him.


I haven't seen "The Dark Knight" yet (damn IMAX was sold out the entire weekend), but word-of-mouth has put this movie over the top. We want a "grown up" Batman, without all the catchy phrases to repeat at the water cooler, or the cartoony villians.

Having said that, any one of Batman's stable of baddies would be great movie material. They just have to have two criteria: that the villian is undeniably and unredeemably insane, and that they be scarily homicidal. Batman is unhinged himself. So he would naturally attrack the same quality of psycho. None of this "redemption in the final reel" or a fitting, ironic death. Too easy. Let them be defeated, battered, bruised, but alive to come back, worse than before.

Except Catwoman. She could mess with Batman's head so badly because she's so conflicted, but still - no repentant finale for her either. Leave The Batman messed up for meeting her.


Needs more girl power, dude. :)
I say swap out Blackfire and Whisper for Lady Shiva and Talia Al-Ghul and you've got the perfect list.


I suppose if you're into has-beens, never-weres,wannabees or wimps, or as is most likely you're too young to know any better, the above list is ok. However, the best villain possible would naturally be Ras al Ghul. If you don't understand why, you could look it up. Wikipedia might be a good place to start, but to get the full flavor of the man you would have to check out the Neal Adams Batmans. And, don't even get me started as to how much better Adams was then Miller.


I've seen dark knight twice now and in spite of christian bale it is the most badass movie i've ever seen. i loved it!!And there WILL be a sequel cuz bale signed for 3 movies. YAY! (not for bale, but for another sequel)


I think Bane would be an excellent choice for a sequel, but of course if they want to stay close to the original story, they'd have to introduce a lot of other villains first that Bane would subsequently release from Arkham.


DivadYblik Jul 23, 2008 at 8:55:59 PM filter this thread show all reply I suppose if you're into has-beens, never-weres,wannabees or wimps, or as is most likely you're too young to know any better, the above list is ok. However, the best villain possible would naturally be Ras al Ghul. If you don't understand why, you could look it up. Wikipedia might be a good place to start, but to get the full flavor of the man you would have to check out the Neal Adams Batmans. And, don't even get me started as to how much better Adams was then Miller.

Hey idiot, HE WAS IN THE FIRST MOVIE! Where have you been for the past 8 years?! Hiding from Y2K?!

Just remove Whisper and the Deacon, add either The Vantriloquist+Scarface, Firefly, or Harley Quinn to the bottom, and add Killer Moth to the number four spot. The Reason for Killer Moth is quite simple. He started out making a name for himself by being an Anti-Batman, helping villains and Mobsters escape Batman and the Police for money with an array of Moth-Themed gadgets, like a Mothmobile. I think that this aspect of him would be a perfect fit for the next movie, especially since mobsters are so prevailent in the first two movies.


but other than that, it's a near-perfect list.


How about the female joker? I forgot her name tho lol


Gamer1787 Today at 11:10:00 AM filter this thread show all reply How about the female joker? I forgot her name tho lol
That's Harley Quinn.


is there any female joker?


What about BANE?
Honestly, I think that he would be the logical choice for the new Dark Universe.
Honestly, I'm tired of Catwoman, The Riddler AND The Penguin (even though I think they led into him being in the next movie - watch closely in the DK)
Notice that The ScarCrow is a drug dealer in this movie, and BM let's him go? Nice diagnosis.
A vengeful Harley Quinn sounds like a good idea too (she's kinda hott).
Black Mask is a good choice, too.


Spoiler Alert.

What's the point of moving on to another villain when Batman still hasn't beaten the Joker in this series? I don't think it's blasphemy to Heath Ledger to suggest that they can slap some clown makeup on a guy and have him take over the part. Besides, this is all in Nolan's world of Batman Year One, and the Joker character still has room to grow and develop in this series. If they can deny us the pleasure of seeing Katie Holmes get blown up in place of Maggie Gyllenhall then they can go ahead and replace Ledger. Besides, Oldman probably isn't doing a part 3 anyways.


To go for a more comic character would be retarded for the series. So take Catwoman, Riddler, and Penguin out. For any character they need to bring them out well grounded... no special powers etc. in order to match the dark story. So a few on your list are right out, although not mentioned so is the croc.

Catwoman has FAILED, TWICE, we do not need any more of that on screen thank you. Then Penguin, the most he could resemble is a short arms dealer kingpin man, anything more would be ridiculous. The Riddler he would do no different than the Joker, as the joker in the movie was a blend of the two, and besides we all know the riddler has no balls. Why would you want to watch that for two hours.

Batman technically let the scarecrow 'go', he might as well 'let joker go' too. I don't see anyone really taking Heath's place. (Although someone should get stabbed in the eye for casting maggie g at all, who cares they replaced the character, but maggie?!? come on! my only solace is that she's dead)

Bane would be a good story, but for that they do need to bring out poison ivy. For Bane, of course, the best storyline is when he 'breaks the batman' otherwise he's just a thug. You gotta ask yourself, Are they ready to end Bale's batman, and put in Azreal/JP Valley yet? I just dont see that happening, and to have bruce immobolized for that long without a replacement would set gotham back too far even for batman to even save, or rather, to make another movie.

Ra's Al Ghul, would be a good idea but they've already done his story, and the only thing left bruce falling in love with his daughter. So the next movie about Bruce in love? I doubt it. Harley Quinn, I REALLY doubt, for the simple fact that she wasnt even introduced, Joker made if very clear that he worked alone except for his disposible minions. (not to mention she's very comic book-y, and a follower not a leader). Deadshot would also be good, he would fit into the series now, he starts off wanting to be the king of the underworld, and since most of them are dead.

None of these characters are main characters, I am convinced there will have to be a dual villian in the next movie. They might not necessarily 'team up' against batman, they can both have thier own agendas, or race to see who kills him first, but it has to be two. There isn't another character that can hold its own weight. So if they have two serial killers, or maybe deadshot and hangman. Blackmask sounds good though, or maybe Zsasz.

Anyway they already have a next story idea. Dark Victory, with the villian Hangman, apparently a serial killer that goes after cops. Which seems to flow well with the dark maniac theme it's got going.

http: // w w w. en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Batman:_Dark_Victory
(take out the spaces)


Hmm.. few things.. this list includes most of the terrible villains, this is the DARK KNIGHT not the detective story. Plus, they've got the scarecrow, two-face, and joker.. well *did*.

I agree that Dark Victory would be an interesting storyline but they killed one of the main plot lines already (harvey dent being dead and all..) and ya know, as much as Robin "un-died" twice, lets not be ruining a good thing like this more grim batman that actually makes DC Comics look good again.

As one who has if not all the comics, the only HUGE villain is the league of assassins, i know a few people mentioned Ra's and all, but bringing in Talia and the Lazarus Pits actually kinda fit this version of batman more than any of the other enemies. The only other batman series beyond Dark Victory is Frank Millers Return & Strikes Again that does fit this grim version.

But they should just end it in my opinion.. we don't need fifty batman sequels..


you want dark...use the man bat...and make him look really creepy


What's wrong with Mr. Freeze?
Just because the Governator did such a horrible job doesnt mean it cant be done.... and they could update him like they did with the Joker and maybe even bring in Dick Grayson.

Bane, The Riddler, Black Mask,and Two-Face still being alive would be pretty cool(I thought I saw him breathing[I don't know though])


Wait a minute 3 more or 3 including the first two?


The best fit for the story so far would be Deadshot. He could fit in right where The Dark Knight took the story. He would be perfect. It is a believable villain that's not to over the top. As far as bringing back The Joker, not possible. Heath Ledger owned that role. No one could replace him and make it that believable.


For the next movie, Two face would be good. You can't kill a good villian.
Movie starts out in the morgue with a knocking on the freezer door and out pops the Two face, but with Harvey Dent in control. Villians get put away and all things are good. But joker or Ras Al Ghul screws with Two-face's mind again, and he kills Jim Gordon's wife and son as revenge for killing his wife.
Batgirl becomes a possiblity and Two-face is re-re-born.


Well What about adding two villains to the mix and still keeping it to one.
By bringing in the Ventriloquist and Scarface, it would tie in with the current storyline arc. As the mobs in Gotham are looking for leadership.
I would love to see the Ventiloquist in the mix, as he is dark and realistic too.


wat about killer croc or a badass version of harley quinn


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