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Top 5 Web Browsers That Aren't IE, Safari, or Firefox

May. 22 3:45 PM by Chenda Ngak

If you own a PC, you're either still using the pre-installed Internet Explorer or you wised up and installed Firefox. If you're a Mac owner, you're either still using the pre-installed Safari or you wised up and installed Firefox. Those three browsers take up a collective 97.1 percent share of the market. But what about the rest of us slobs who protest anything corporate, reject anything mainstream, and don't even know why? There is surprising amount of excellent web browsers that get no love at all. And these are our five favorites.

5- Sunrise (Mac)

Sunrise is a fast little browser with a simple and clean UI for you anal retentive minimalists. It has a compact and sparse toolbar; seriously, they even combined the stop and refresh button into one. It's differentiating features are color-coded visual bookmarks and quick page resizes (640/800/1024/FH). It's great for quick and dirty web browsing, but I would hold off if you want something more reliable.

4- Shiira Project (Mac)

The Shiira Project has a beautiful design and UI for you hipsters, Tab Expose for you web junkies, and Private Browsing support for you online stalkers/pervs. The Page Info option sorts the page source of a website into catagories like: links, html, css, javascript, images, and more. It's great for you code stealers. Zuckerberg anyone? I kid. I kid. The developers state that their goal is to replace Safari and they just might succeed. If you're a sucker for a sweet interface, it's definitely worth checking out.

3- Songbird (Mac/Windows/Linux)

If iTunes and Firefox made sweet internet love, their spawn would be Songbird. Now you can listen to Michael Bolt...err, I mean Vampire Weekend while downloading porn with ease. It's win-win! This media player in browser's clothing is full of innovation. Say you're browsing a music blog; you can click on an MP3 and it'll play on Songbird as if it was a local song. If you want to store it on Songbird, you just have to drag and drop. They call themselves the "Pioneers of the Inevitable," with previous "hatchlings" by the development team including the Yahoo! Music Engine and Winamp. I say bring on the inevitable.

2- Flock (Mac/Windows/Linux)

Flock is definitely the browser for social network junkies, integrating Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. In terms of a web browser, it's not just a portal that you take for granted but something truly interactive. No one has ever said "I'm gonna cruise around my Internet Explorer," but you could very well waste an afternoon cruising around on Flock. It's engaging and full of features. The UI is bulky, but it's for power social-whoring and ADD web browsing. 'Nuff said.

1- Opera (Mac/Windows/Linux)

Oh, what a storied past Opera has. It's been shareware, ad-supported, blocked from MSN.com, and became the official web browser of the Nintendo DS and Wii. The evolution and controversy surrounding this browser have been exciting to watch. But, it is first and foremost a powerful tool. It's fast, clean, and a great default browser. Some would call it the best browser on the market, but Rocky ain't gonna beat Apollo without kinks. Opera still has many compatibility issues and is not yet Open Source. Opera is also a victim of "Sniffing." No, I'm not talking about nose candy; it's actually something a lot dorkier. After a proper evaluation, it's clear that Opera is an excellent browser to use for web research, opening links, and general goofing off.


What about the Dreamcast web browser? I still use that. Sure it may have taken three hours to post this comment, but does IE or Firefox have a memory card with a screen on it? I thought not.


FireFox isn't all that & Opera sucks point blank


What do you use? Either way, you have to give some props because there is a lot of code, written by very smart and talented people. And if it wasn't for them, we would actually have to do our jobs or talk to each other. Ick.


ChendaNgak - I use IE7 & Firefox...I tried most of those others, but I didn't like em...Nothin' wrong with doin' our jobs & talkin'...


i use netscape navigator...... works good for me...


I use Opera on my Windows, Linux & Mac machines. It's the only browser I enjoy using & can't live without. It has features that you need to add (if you use Firefox) to have the same featureset found in Opera.

Just because it's closed source, doesn't mean it's bad. And "sniffing" only occurs on older version of Opera. If you have problems (like the article suggested), you can even change the user agent quite easily.


diablo2lod Netscape!??! I have mad love for Netscape, but I think they've already passed the torch. DefiantOne Good points. I love Opera, too.


Lol, I've never heard of any of these!


alright, here's some BS.

Songbird is pretty much firefox with a few extra extensions and some interface tweaks.

Flock is pretty much firefox with a few extra extensions and some interface tweaks.

They are both code forks, but rely entirely on the firefox base and gecko rendering engine. Try again?


Well forks are still browsers on their own right. Initially Safari was a fork of Konqueror so you know.

In any case yep, Opera rocks, specially now that 9.5 is out with new skin and all. Shiira is also a winner, except it used to have some quirks with flash ( evil app)


I tried Songbird on your recommendation, because I have a problem getting media to work right in my main browser (Firefox) for some reason. Pretty sweet. It definitely takes some getting used to and right now I only use it when I know I'm going to be surfing media, but I like how it catalogs stuff so you don't have to hunt down the website every time you want to hear or see something.


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