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8 Fictional Characters Who Died Too Early

Apr. 25 5:19 PM by Dave Rudden

Writers and directors know that killing off a well-liked character can really add some punch to a narrative. It's just that sometimes they don't know quite when to do it. These characters had so much more to live for, and seeing them iced so early on into their respective stories left us scratching our heads.

8- Libby (Lost)

Libby was the breath of fresh air to combat the halitosis of Michelle Rodruigez's Ana-Lucia on Lost. She was sweet, cute, and attracted to the show's ugliest dude (Hurley), giving snarky fatasses the world over hope that they could attract some serious cougars. Not only was she beloved by fans for her kindness, she also had a pretty beefy backstory, in which she gave Desmond her dead husband's boat, and attended the same psychiatric ward as her future boyfriend-to-be. Of course, instead of, you know, finding out about those mysteries, the Lost producers decided to have her shot in the stomach less than twenty episodes after she was introduced. As the only crash survivor to not have his or her own flashback episode, Libby is an open book we desperately hope the producers let us read sometime soon. .

7- Graem Bauer (24)

Most of Season 6 of 24 was a wash, as the show meandered with stupid love triangles and unbelievable family ties. One part of the mess we wish had stayed untouched, however, was Jack Bauer's evil mastermind brother, Graehm. Here's a man powerful enough to dictate the actions of a crooked president the previous season, even if it means the death of his do-gooder brother. Once he was caught by Jack in Season 6, we really expected the opposing siblings to pull out all the stops as a means to their ends. Unfortunately, he was killed by his also-evil father just three episodes after coming face-to-face with Jack. This father by the way, was played by James Cromwell, who was better known as the friendly farmer from Babe. And people wonder why Season 6 turned to crap so quickly...

6- Cleon (The Warriors)

While Swan was a great leader in his absence, killing Cleon off before the Warriors can embark on their adventure was a bit of a bummer. If his headdress was any indication, the guy probably could have kicked 800 kinds of ass. In fact, we're surprised he wasn't able to withstand the onslaught of the Gramercy Riffs after Luther blamed him for Cyrus' assassination. And why was a respected gang like the Riffs taking the word of one of The Rogues? A truly powerful gang would have done their homework.

5- Lieutenant Colonel Austin Travis (Executive Decision)

This death broke all the rules. For one thing, Steven Segal never dies in his films--particularly not when he was at his career apex at the time of Executive Decision's release. Having just come off of Under Siege II, the prospect of not having Segal's bland presence throughout the duration of a motion picture was unthinkable. Also, with a name like Lieutenant Colonel Austin Travis, you expect the character to be able to survive anything thrown at him. But there he went, dropping to the Earth when his military team's plane-to-plane transfer went horribly awry. His sacrifice, closing the seal between planes so that Kurt Russell and Co. could survive, was action-hero selfless on the level of a Harrison Ford or Will Smith character. And who knows? Maybe he landed safely in a pillow factory 30,000 feet below.

4- Sargeant Blain Cooper (Predator)

Rule number one: the comedic companion rarely makes it to the end of a horror/action movie. Rule number two: you don't kill the guy off in the first freaking half hour! While pro-wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura, in his first role, didn't quite have the acting chops of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Carl Weathers (we're actually typing that with a straight face), he did bring a gruff lightheartedness to the film that was sorely lacking in the second half of the movie. Oh, and that awesome chain gun. Why the hell didn't someone else pluck that from his corpse?

3- The Weighted Companion Cube (Portal)

Throughout the bizarre events of Portal, you'll be tossing cubes everywhere in order to activate switches and serve as stepping stones to tough-to-reach platforms. There's one, however, that manages to endear itself to you. The Weighted Companion Cube, a heart-covered cube that stays by your side throughout one of the game's more memorable stages, meets an unfortunate end when Portal's AI demands you incinerate it to move onto the next section. If we ask nothing else from the mod community, can we please get a version of Portal that lets us escape Aperture labs with the Cube so we can open up a bakery with it when we return to civilization?

2- Deep Throat (X-Files)

We understand that the producers wanted to end The X-Files first season with a huge development. We also acknowledge that Mulder's subsequent informant, X, was pretty kickass in his own right. However, we wish that Deep Throat, the first "man on the inside" during the existence of the X-Files, had a bit more time to dispense his secrets to the world's best paranormal FBI agents.

1- Darth Maul (Star Wars)

For all that was wrong with Star Wars Episode I--and there was lots--Darth Maul almost single-handedly made up for all of it. A near-silent completely demonic slice of Sith badassery, Darth Maul really should have survived his epic battle with Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The only Star Wars movie character who could handle a dual-sided lightsaber, he could have easily finished the job that asthmatic android General Greivous started.


Jesus Christ, you forgot private pyle from full metal jacket.


dang, that's a good one, krapoton. i would have loved to see him interact with the vietnamese prostitute or snap on the battlefield.


I would have thought the Drill Sargeant. He made that movie.

Happy Birthday D!


I hear it's your birthday, have a happy one!


happy birthday dude


Cleon would have kicked ass...shame really.


I think you should have added Mr. Ecko with Libby. Since he was the greatest character to get his ass kicked by the smoke monster.

And I agree, wtf is up with Steven Segal dying after 12 minutes? Totally whack.


Eh... Companion Cube should've been Number 1.


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