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5 LARP Games That Aren't For Losers

Apr. 24 6:46 PM by Kate McNally

Live Action Role Playing, or LARPing, may look like fun, but it's basest elements--wearing renaissance fair clothing while pretending to fight dragons--are socially indefensible. While you may never be able to unsheathe your broadsword in public without scorn, a few LARPing games have actually emerged of which you need not be ashamed to call yourself a player.

5- Historical Reenactments

While it sounds kinda lame and maybe just a little bit tacky, these folks actually deserve some credit for starting the entire LARPing genre. People around the world have been recreating historic events for ages. From wars to journeys to document signings all societies gather to celebrate or commemorate past events in the hopes that some points in time will never be forgotten. Educational and occasionally mind-blowing, historical reenactments deserve a little more credit than they're given. If nothing else it gives old people something to do on weekends besides greet people at Wal-Mart.

4--Dinner Theater Murder Mysteries

Just because Sherlock Holmes never existed doesn't mean you can't try your hand at the art of deduction to solve a crime. Just seek out one of the many dinner parties happening in your area and join in on the fun. Each guest is given an identity and at some point a murder is committed within the group. The people involved learn more about their characters through various clues but also must avoid being killed off by the looming murderer as well. Though you may not know all the guests, you can be sure excitement, drama, intrigue and mystery will all be in attendance at this party.

3-Paintball/Laser Tag

If there's one thing people like doing it's pretending to kill other people; far better than dealing with the mess and nasty jail time involved with the real deal. And what better way to kill people than to do so in large groups? This desire was met by those who created paintball and laser tag-the best ways to realistically enter a combat zone without having to worry about post-traumatic stress disorder. Designed for kids and adults alike, these games allow for the thrill of the kill while bonding with your peers. Just ask the church groups, Fortune 500 companies, birthday party-goers and middle-aged men seeking to finally take down Charlie.

2-Sexual Role-playing

There comes a point in every relationship when things get "comfortable" (e.g. boring in the sack). Some people shop around for toys or videos. Others go to couple's counseling. Some search outside of the relationship for a new fling to liven-up their libidos. But if you want to avoid that last one, try investing in the most titillating LARP game around--the sexual variety. By dressing up and taking on a new persona you get the exhilaration of a one-night stand without the hassle of trying to remember the person's name or the embarrassment of STI's.


Perhaps the easiest game to assemble, Assassin is the up-and-coming sport of cities and campuses everywhere. It's been around for awhile, but it's gaining speed and if you aren't familiar with it you better pay attention: Assassin basically involves a group of people where each person, armed with a water pistol, is hunting someone while in turn being hunted by someone else whose identity they don't know. Once you take your mark out their target then becomes your new prey. Killings can take place any time, any where, so you must be prepared to defend yourself at all times-even in the middle of a Poli Sci lecture or while you're sleeping, or both. Paranoia is a luxury you can't afford to be without. Assassin combines the mystery of a dinner theater murder, the brutality of paintball, and the sexual tension of bedroom role playing--that is, if you're playing it with the right people.


Again you nailed it. I don't know, . . . maybe I'm just as weird as you is why I connect to what your saying, cause if I were to suggest Assassin to any of my suit wearing friends or every just showed up at any of my ex's houses wearing a court jester's outfit or a burka I am 100% sure it would wind up ending in a bad way with me hearing things like "It'll be okay" and "Baker Act"...........I think being a free spirit is so important for the soul, and LARP seems like a cool way to leave tech behind and lose yourself without electronic aid.. getting too locked up in a virtual world is the first step to completely losing your identity. . sad, common, tragic. The skeleton in the lettuce pic is kinda funny, did you make that yourself or have you had that picture in your drawer for just the occasion? . . I don't know what's funnier, you actually having that picture at hand, or you making a skull salad and placing the tomatoes around it so artfully. .Paintball is okay, but don't let anyone every tell you it doesn't hurt to get shot, I got a shot to the adams apple like 10 years ago and I swear I can still feel the pain when I think about it.........And the truth Kate, . . are those your friends from the History club you belonged to at school in the first pic? lol I have never been to or participated in a reenactment, but I'm sure they have a blast, life's too short, . . why not?......Again, thanks for making me laugh, and think!


Awesome Post.

5. An ex-coworker of mine used to participate in weekend excursions involving LARP. More along the lines of D&D, it was quite humorous to see how excited he'd get. Not only did he make his own chainmaille, but he knitted as well. Strange combination. He also reveled in the fact him and his boyfriend lived in Bear Creek apts. I wonder if I could find some Pirate LARP.

4. The Caesar's less popular cousin, the Yorick Salad.

3. Did it in college, the popular movie scene where guy runs and has shoot out from 10 yards away and one guy lives. Yeah, doesn't happen. You both die, it doesn't matter who shot who first, and no amount of crying can convince the judge otherwise.

2. Speaking of Yorick. Embarrassing part. Those are my parents, where did you find that picture? If the Salad pic was in the bottom drawer, this pic was in the back of my closet.

1. I totally want to play Assassin, where do one find the people? I need a sniper water gun. Then I'll meet Hillary at the airport in Bosnia.


I played a game in high school like assassins. We called it "Hitman". The game was run by the "Godfather". The Godfather was the winner from the previous game. You are given a card with someone's name on it. You killed them by squirting them ONLY in the front. You then took their card(s). You also couldn't shoot in front of the faculty. The last round that I played, I got owned by my sister.

The game was started after the movie LINKS OMITTED came out.


Some kids at my university were playing this game called humans vs. zombies.

They were running around with nerf guns pretending to fight a zombie apocalypse, it looked like an awesome time, and they certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves.


if there is one that counts its pirates week in grand cayman
drunken debauchery and street festivals

flickr it


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