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The 8 Sexiest Sirens of Indie Rock

Nov. 13 12:17 PM by TKK

They may get all the attention but mainstream songstresses make us tired and sleepy. Paris may have the looks but she's absolutely devoid of natural talent. Mariah Carey has the voice but she's fallen off in the sex appeal department. Britney is a trainwreck these days and while Beyonce has the total package, we respect Jay-Z too much to ogle her; besides, he'd totally kick our ass if we did. So we thought it was high time we celebrated some sexy and talented women who are a feast for both the eyes and the ears! Join us as we countdown the 8 Sexiest Sirens of Indie Rock!

8- Joanna Newsom

When most people think of musical instruments, they tend to envision things like guitars, drums and pianos. But not a lot of people will think of the harp. Pay some attention to the beautiful Joanna Newsom, however, and the harp will suddenly look a whole lot more enticing. The lovely Ms. Newsom owns a fragile sounding voice that still somehow manages to convey a sense of strength; she's ridiculously easy on the eyes as well.

7- Kori Gardner

The only thing that could potentially keep Kori Gardner, one half of the awesome Mates of State, of our list is the fact that she's happily married to her bandmate, drummer Jason Hammel. And while it's wrong to ogle another man's wife, especially considering how obviously in love they are-go see them live and you'll see what we mean-there's no denying that Kori still qualifies as for our list. She's not only hot but she also packs enough energy to bring the house down. Who the hell knew that the organ could be such a rocking instrument?

6- Karen O

We're not big fans of the helmet shaped haircut that Karen O normally wears on stage and her outfits, while funktastic, are have just a little too much personality for our tastes. But there's still no denying that the energetic leader of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs deserves a place on our list. While she tends to hide her face away, there are moments when her vibrant smile and attractive features come into view. But her true strength lies in her unique voice and boundless energy. We're willing to bet that dating Karen O is like riding a rollercoaster: you strap yourself in and go on the ride of your life.

5- Jenny Lewis

While we love her for her music, our infatuation with the lead singer of indie darlings Rilo Kiley began when in our adolescence, when we first saw her starring opposite Fred "Kevin Arnold" Savage in the awesomely bad movie "The Wizard." But rather than take the low road, as most child actors tend to do, Jenny Lewis is riding high on the success of her music. And while she's matured into a certified hottie, our inner 12-year olds will always think of her as the spunky and cute Haley.

4- Feist

If we had to describe the haunting beauty of Feist and her music with a single word, we would have a tough time choosing between 'sophisticated' and 'vulnerable.' So we'll just mash to the together and call her 'sophistinerable.' Or would 'vulneristicated' be better? Either way, Feist lands on our list of sexy sirens because she's, well, hot and she can sing. What else do we have to say?

3- Regina Spektor

Judging from the photos that we could find, Regina Spektor isn't very tall. We're guessing she stands no taller than 5 feet. We could be wrong and really, it doesn't matter, because her diminutive frame packs a voice strong enough to reach the highest rafters. Her quirky songs and quirkier demeanor make her shine and easily earns her a spot high up on our list.

2- Neko Case

Whether she's singing alone or as part of indie rock group, The New Pornographers, Neko Case is as red hot as her hair color would suggest. Armed with a powerful voice and a sophisticated charm, Neko Case is the kind of girl that your mother will love and that your friends will drool over.

1- Cat Power

The enigmatic Cat Power catapults to the top of our list thanks to a sultry voice, a beautiful face and an undeniable stage presence. There is no doubt that Chan "Cat Power" Marshall has both the voice and the beauty to easily win the top slot in our little countdown. Just watch her video for "Lived In Bars," and you'll have all the proof you need. Now, if she'd just say yes to our marriage proposal...

Have a crazy list concept on the tip of your brain? Send it to us, and we'll make it a reality!


Comment deleted for general trolliness. Stfu and save the "Better do X or the world won't do Y" comments for the digg comments section.


Thank you for making a list that most lesbians can agree with!


I had to register just to complain about this list.

What about Emily Haines, Abi Harding from the Zutons, Mia Clarke of Electrelane, Alison Bellavance from Spark is a Diamond (independent artist, not really "indie music"), Tegan and Sara (also some of the coolest girls to ever talk to), Emiliana Torrini, Charlotte Cooper from The Subways, Sarah Balliet from Murder by Death.

So many better choices. Kind of dissapointed, besides Cat Power and Feist I think i disagree with everything else. And I don't really consider Regina Spektor indie at all.


Fiest is pretty ugly actually (unbelievable hot voice tho). I dont know what your smoking, or shooting up, but who the fuck made this list. Its terrible. Sara, tegan and sara, should be on here over fiest. i love Karen O just as much as the next guy but there are far better looking indie artists than her.

BTW most of them are not real "indie" artist anymore.


Have to agree with pirodaggar on Emily Haines. Totally hot, totally talented. I'd add Monique Powell of Save Ferris, too. First ska girl I ever had a crush on.


Good list. Ignore the peons that don't like the looks of these women. Apparently some people still think Hugh Hefner and plastic surgeons determine female beauty.


i was so happy to see my heroes on this list: karen o, regina spektor, and feist.


pirodagger...registering just for this list is something i apparently did too.....agreed... emily haines...others i havent heard of...tegan and sara would also have to ace a list about the neatest people on earth


No Kathlene Hanna?!?! please load up a le tigre or bikini kill video and amend the list........and maybe throw in a bit of kim gordon...


I have to echo two of Pirodaggar's recommendations. Emily Haines looks sexy even when she's playing it down like in the video to "Dr. Blind". And Abi Harding has the sexiest legs in music, full stop. To the list I'd also like to add Jenny Lewis - very sexy - and Imogen Heap - sexy in a kooky way.


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