The 007 Best Bond Movie Stunts

Nov. 11 10:43 AM by OMGLists Team

Bond films are famous for their action sequences, most of which require grueling stunt work. Here are the seven best single stunts that were all done by actual humans with no tricks or the benefit of CGI.

7- Diamonds are Forever

Sean Connery was paid a gigantic sum of money to play Bond after he left the role following You Only Live Twice; too bad Diamonds Are Forever couldn't have been better. However, the movie did have a sweet stunt where Bond ramps his Mustang on two wheels in order to escape police in Las Vegas. This same stunt was done, but with a tanker truck, in License to Kill.

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6- Live and Let Die

Fleeing pursuers in a speedboat in Louisiana, Bond (Roger Moore) jumps his boat 110 feet over a police car, setting a world record...actually; it was the stunt driver who made Guinness.

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5- GoldenEye

The Bond pre-credit sequences are always a treat, but the opener for GoldenEye set a world record, as a stuntman bungee dropped more than 722 feet from the top of a dam. The freefall will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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4- For Your Eyes Only

Bond (Moore) rock climbs to the top of a monastery perched on the top of a narrow cliff, only to be kicked off by a bad guy. What follows is a lengthy, breathtaking free-fall until Bond--literally--reaches the end of his climbing rope.

3- License to Kill

During the climactic tanker truck chase, Bond (Timothy Dalton) ramps his 18 wheeler on one set of wheels to avoid a stinger missile. He then sets it down on all tires, crushing a vehicle driven by Sanchez's henchmen in the process.

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2- The Spy Who Loved Me

The best of the Roger Moore Bond films, The Spy Who Loved Me's pre-credit ski chase sequence ended with stuntman Rick Sylvester skiing off the side of a cliff and then parachuting to safety. This scene provided one of my most memorable movie-going experiences when Spy opened in theatres, as the audience went crazy when the Union Jack parachute opened.

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1- The Man With the Golden Gun

An otherwise mundane car chase Between Bond (Moore) and Scaramanga (Christopher Lee) on the streets of Thailand is capped with an eye-popping jump where Bond's car spins 360 degrees as if it were driving on a, it wasn't a miniature shot, nor GC. Too bad the stunt is accompanied by a cartoonish sound effect.

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List written by GamePro Managing Editor Mike Weigand.

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