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The 5 Most Memorable Crying Moments of the 2008 Election

Nov. 5 6:45 PM by Dave Rudden

Barack Obama's victory this week was as moving as it was monumental. But it wasn't the only time tears were shed during the election season. Here's five moments that almost brought us to tears, too.

5- Biden's Emotional Debate Moment

Teary Time: 0:07-0:13

The Moment:

In the only Vice-Presidential debate this year, Vice-President-elect Joe Biden was asked about his biggest weakness. In his answer, he addressed criticism that he lacks focus on family issues by recalling the death of his wife and the injury of his children, choking up as be brought up past memories.

Will it Make You Cry?

Probably, though it'll soon turn to rage as Sarah Palin uses Biden's grief as a segue to how much of a maverick John McCain is. Much like how Biden is seen as a man's man despite a proclivity for starting up the waterworks, we'll give a pass anybody who shed a tear watching that clip.

4- Hillary's Primary Tears

Teary Time: 0:17-0:35

The Moment:

Talking to a New Hampshire crowd during the Democratic primaries about the state of the country and her opportunities in it, Hillary Clinton tears up about her desire to see change. She then drifts off about some nonsense regarding pizza.

Will it Make You Cry?

Most people laughed. Still, this deeply-personal moment did wonders for Clinton, with many arguing that those tears pushed her to a New Hampshire victory, and the closest a woman has ever come to a major party's presidential nomination.

3- Palin Loses The Election... and Some Tears

Teary Time: 6:30-6:50

The Moment:

During John McCain's concession speech, the Republican candidate mentions the honor of having run with Sarah Palin. When talking about her role in this election and future with the party, Palin starts to get a little teary-eyed.

Will it Make You Cry?

It depends. If it's because she's genuinely moved by the moment, having been put through the wringer only to fall short of making history, then bipartisan tears can be shed. But if it's just because she now knows she's at least four years from getting to the White House, then let her cry alone.

2- Sherri Shepherd Loses it on "The View"

Teary Time: The entire goddamned video.

The Moment:

View newb and undecided voter Sherri Shepherd recounted her reasons for voting Obama on the show today, talking about her son's pride and the great racial equality gains made in this country. There's a bit of dry time when Sarah Palin is brought up, and Barbara Walters talks about crying, but really, the entire clip is a bawlfest.

Will it Make You Cry?

Probably. It has kids being cute, victory, and racial progress, all in the course of a minute. The only thing that could have made the clip more sentimental would be removing Elizabeth Hasslebeck from the panel.

1- Jesse Jackson Cries at Victory Rally

Teary Time: 0:19-0:40

The Moment:

At the Obama victory celebration, many people were crying tears of happiness. None were more prominent--and frankly, surprising--- than former presidential hopeful Jesse Jackson.

Will it Make You Cry?

Maybe. Seeing a normally strong character shed a few tears is a sure-fire way to get others to bawl. But then there is the fact that he's not the most compassionate person ever (particularly when it comes to Jewish people), so we're learning towards no. Oh, wait. He bites his finger at the 30-second mark. Damn... excuse us.... we have something in our eyes...


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