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7 TV School Elections with Important Lessons

Nov. 4 12:38 PM by Dave Rudden

After the mistakes of 2000 and 2004, we're hoping the US can come through with a controversy-free election this year. These seven sitcoms feature school elections that provided some important lessons.

7- Saved By The Bell

The Election:

In "The Election," class clown Zack Morris decides to run against his good friend and Bayside's biggest braniac, Jesse Spano. Why? Because he heard that the winner gets a field trip to Washington D.C--why a teenager in a beach-filled Southern California.would want to go to the political epicenter of the US is beyond me. When rumors spread that the trip is canceled, Zack tries to lose the election. When he wins and the rumors prove false, he concedes to Jesse, the better person for the job.

The Lesson:

If you're running for political office, don't do it for the promise of a field trip. Make sure it's a done deal.

6- The Brady Bunch

The Election:

Marcia runs against Greg for class president, dividing the Brady kids along party lines. Greg's campaign manager suggests running dirty, but Greg fires him instead, which moves Marcia enough to concede.

The Lesson:

Clean campaigns win. Also, siblings should not both hold political office.

5- South Park

The Election:

In "Douche and Turd," when PETA protests the South Park elementary school's bovine mascot, the students have to vote for something new to replace the cow. The choices are Douche and Turd Sandwich, and when Stan decides he'd rather not vote, he's banished from the town. He returns to vote, only to learn the school has re-adopted it's old mascot.

The Lesson:

Don't vote. That is, if there's a chance the outgoing incumbent will just disregard the result and keep office.

4- American Dad

The Election:

In the pilot episode, one of the plot threads involves Stan Smith's nerdy son Steve and his plan to get a popular girl to date him. Stan rigs the school election to make Steve class president and gets the girl. Unfortunately, she only dates him for the power, and dumps him when he tries to kiss her.

The Lesson:

Just like in Saved by the Bell make sure the "field trip" is for sure before running. Also, there was something about Steve going mad with power, but really, make sure you know you can get some before committing to office.

3- Arrested Development

The Election:

In "The Immaculate Election," George-Michael Bluth runs against class jock Steve Holt with the help of his uncle Gob, but fails to win when his election tape smears Holt for not having a father and mistakenly features a freestyle lightsaber demonstration at the end. Fortunately, Holt doesn't become president either, since he decides to search for said father.

The Lesson:

Sometimes making the other guy lose is a victory in itself. Just ask Ralph Nader.

2- South Park (again)

The Election:

In "Trapper Keeper," Ike runs for Kindergarten class president, but the election is held up due to the close results, an undecided voter, absentee classmates, and Rosie O'Donnell.

The Lesson:

Keep celebrities the fuck away from important elections.

1- The Simpsons

The Election:

In "Lisa's Substitute," Bart Simpson runs against Martin Prince, the smartest kid in class, and appears to have the edge due to his huge popularity and rampant antiestablishmentarianism. Bart ultimately loses the election 2 votes to 0, due to the fact that he and his friends forgot to vote.

The Lesson:

Every vote counts. Especially when only two people do it.

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Haha, I immediately thought of the Douche v Turd election, but forgot about the Trapper Keeper episode. Classic stuff.


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