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6 Awesome Characters With Names Like Barack

Oct. 24 2:14 PM by Dave Rudden

With everyone (ignorant) harping on the problems with Barack Hussein Obama's middle and last names, we thought we'd point out how awesome his first name is by noting the 6 best fictional characters that (almost) share his name.

6- Brak from ''Space Ghost''

How they're similar:

They both have to work with well-meaning do-gooders who sometimes say the wrong thing.

How they're different:

Unlike Brak, Barack usually speaks clearly. Usually.

5- Brock Sampson from ''The Venture Bros''

How they're similar:

They're both strong, calm, and collected, and fiercely loyal to their groups, whether it be the Democratic party or the Venture brothers.

How they're different:

Despite his growing popularity, Barack doesn't have the mulleted part of America on his side as much as Brock does.

4- B. A. Baracus from ''The A-Team''

How they're similar:

They both pity poor fools. Also, both have been immortalized in cereal form.

How they're different:

Unlike Baracus, Barack can board airplanes without coercion.

3- Brock from Pokemon

How they're similar:

He's the tall, strong, voice of reason amongst a throng of incoherent nutballs. Brock is able to keep Ash and Misty motivated, while corralling wild Pokemon. Barack has kept his sanity despite the BS FOX News throws his way.

How they're different:

Barack seems to be a one-woman guy, whereas Brock chased as much tail as a children's cartoon show will allow.

2- Baraka from ''Mortal Kombat''

How they're similar:

They've both been accused of hanging out with the wrong crowd. Barack has been criticized for "palling around" with former terrorist William Ayers, while Baraka has been proven to be an associate of definite dark overlord Shao Khan.

How they're different:

Barack may be strong, but he doesn't have large blades growing out of his arms. Otherwise, those ''terrorist fist jabs'' would hurt.

1- The Rock from the WWE

How they're similar:

They're both black men know for breaking barriers--Barack as the first major part nominee of color, and The Rock as the WWE's first black champion. They also seem to have the same interview style.

How they're different:

The Rock may not even be on the same tag team as Barack.

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They're both black men

They're both half black.


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