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The 10 Greatest Floating Heads of All Time

Oct. 10 7:36 PM by Dave Rudden

For something that's probably scientifically impossible, works of fiction sure seem to make the living disembodied head commonplace. The following ten heads have floated to the top of our hearts.

10- The Wizard from The Wizard of Oz

While the Wizard's status as a floating head can be disputed, what with it being a camera trick carried out by a bodied fat dude behind a curtain, the Wizard's place in movie history can be disputed. By showing the disparity in fear produced by a floating head and a normal guy, future scribes learned a valuable lesson. Floating heads are scary.

9- Zordon from Power Rangers

While Zordon may very well be another projected head, a la The Wizard of Oz, his role in aiding groups of teenagers in spandex cannot be denied. Do you think kids with the ability to pilot giant dinosaur robots would take orders from a floating body? I think not.

8- Namakubi from Zombie Nation

Namakubi was just your standard disembodied samurai head living a normal life in 1999. When the living meteor Darc Seed plunged to earth and reanimated the population (and the Statue of Liberty) as zombies, someone (not somebody) had to save the world. Namakubi took that step from samurai head to superhero to return the world to normalcy in Zombie Nation.

7- Morte from Planescape Torment

As far as comedic-relief floating heads go, you can't beat Morte, who has been designed for maximum laughs. A normal floating head? Good for a few chuckles. A floating skull? Kinda creepy. A floating skull with eyeballs who expresses desire for almost every woman you encounter in your quest? Hilarious.

6- Sun Baby from Teletubbies

The Teletubbies have amazing powers. They have a secret language that can speak only to children and stoners, as well as televisions in their stomachs that can be used to hypnotize the two groups. Of course, there has to be some sort of higher power giving the orders. A sun with the image of a baby's head is more than crazy enough to be their leader.

5- Andross from Star Fox

Star Fox, an SNES flying game that was one of the first major titles to feature a polygonal world, was rife with impressive visuals making use of the new 3D effects on the 16-bit system. While the game featured plenty of large weaponized vehicles and ships, the developers knew only a truly magnificent and boxy enemy could ably conclude Fox's quest. Enter Andross, a giant face with the ability to shoot squares out of its mouth. Future titles provided arms and a body for Andross, but we'll never forget his original, face-only form.

>4- Frylock from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

As the leader of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Frylock is a floating head to be reckoned with. Some may dispute his status as a floating head, stating that he has french fries for arms. To that I say, the fries are his hair, stupid. Hair he can pick up stuff with.

3- Al Gore's head in a jar from Futurama

Even though Futurama's featured dozens of important 21st centurions re-animated in glass jars, the most notable of the bunch has to be former presidential election popular vote winner Al Gore. In the 30th century, the politician finally found a land to lead, serving as the first emperor of the Moon. He's still going on about global warming, though.

2- Sinistar from Sinistar

Sinistar truly earns its status as the best evil floating head. He's in space, for one, and his diet seems to solely consist of spaceships. Also, the fact that he can speak, but only via seven terribly rendered sound clips makes him immeasurably scarier than any evil head that can speak perfectly.

1- Jambi from Pee Wee's Playhouse

Jambi earns his place at the top of this list due to his amazing powers in spite of severely limiting factors. Being confined to a box without anything but his head, Jambi is able to grant any of Pee Wee Herman's weird-ass wishes by simply chanting a bunch of gibberish. Jambi's also able to grab Pee's attention ahead of talking chairs, cows, clocks, and Lawrence Fishburne, which shows the true nature of his strength. For that, he is truly a floating head among floating heads.


Jambi FTW!! The very creepy win that is. Also, Moses from South Park should get an honorable mention or something.


How come the MCP from Tron doesn't get any love?


Fun list, just kinda curious if God from the Monty Python movies would be considered a floating head.

Do you guys accept guest writers? If so, I'd love to have a chance to share a few lists I've worked up on my own blog @ gremlindog.com.

Keep up the good work, great site!


its a shame J.D's floating head doctor didnt make the cut either


Jambi looks familiar....


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