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OMGLists SpotLists--The 4 Best Recent OMG Network Lists!

Sep. 9 5:31 PM by OMGLists Team

We're back again with another batch of listy goodness from around the OMG blog network. We've picked the best lists from our sister sites and ranked them in order. Mmm... numeration.

4- The 10 Most Legendary Swords in Gaming from OMGRPG

There's no item in gaming more iconic than the sword. Flailing about and striking your enemies with a long, sharp blade may be illegal in real-life, but in gaming, it's the norm. OMGRPG has collected the 10 greatest swords that the gaming community has had the honor of wielding.

3- Top 5 Worst Movies Based on Video Games from GameProArcade

Terrible gaming based movies have been around since gaming got big. It doesn't look to be getting any better, if the trailers for Postal and Max Payne continue to underwhelm. GameProArcade has picked the 5 worst game-based movies, in the hopes you will know to never view them. This is one of those lists that you're thankful doesn't have video embeds.

2- The 15 Best Werewolf Movies from OMGHorror

The werewolf is one of the most memorable movie monsters of all time, who, quite frankly, hasn't got the recognition he(?) deserves. That looks to change with the upcoming remake starring Benicio Del Toro, and to celebrate that, OMGHorror has selected the 15 Best Werewolf Movies of all time. You won't see Teen Wolf Too or Werewolf Poetry Slam--these are strictly the greatest.

1- The 11 Cheesiest Fake Video Game Movies from SlobsofGaming

If Hollywood won't make a decent gaming movie, what about the cosplayers and public-access comedians of the world? SlobsOfGaming has picked 11 fake game movie trailers that, well, are at least slightly better than Double Dragon.


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