✓ Work is boring.

School is boring.

OMGLists is not.

Welcome to OMGLists, where we make lists of things that we find interesting, important, silly, stupid, nostalgic, rude, exciting, depressing, or any-other-type-of-emotion invoking. Lists are just so much more organized and easy to skim over than paragraphs and articles and books and essays and dissertations. We get it. Here, I’ll give you a list of the weirdest crayon color names that I’ve run across in the wild:


Purple Mountains Majesty

Macaroni and Cheese


Tickle Me Pink

Finally, I can color in my drawing of mac and cheese without picking through all those pesky orange/yellows! Thanks, Crayola!

We’ll even throw in some photos for you, because everybody loves a good visual representation.

Crayon colors

Gotta love that “dirt” color. It’s a special kind of brown.

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